FS:7017-S7A 262MHz

FS:7017-S7A 262MHz

Post by Michael Deaco » Fri, 08 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Midwest Technology Leasing, Inc.

Has a quantity of the following systems:

7017-S7A    RS/6000 S70 Advanced Servers

They are built to order and are between 45% - 55% off IBM list pricing.

Thank you,
Michael Deacon
Midwest Technology
(800) 787-6364


1. 7017-S7A Firmware

I have 7017-S7A that will not boot. It will not boot far enough so that I can
use SMS. It gives an SRC pointing at the service proc firmware.

I can access the service proc menus. But nothing else. According to the IBM
microcode web page, I cannot update the firmware from the service proc menus on
this model, like I do with some lesser models. I think I will have to exchange
the service proc.

Any other ideas before I do?

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