AIX 4.1 Sendmail; comp.mail.sendmail

AIX 4.1 Sendmail; comp.mail.sendmail

Post by Mindspring New » Thu, 08 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have a sendmail problem on our RS/6000 running AIX 4.1, and whatever
version of Sendmail came with it.  A Linux machine on the network is the
mail exchanger for our domain with an MX record in the DNS tables.  When
users on the AIX machine attempt to send mail to anyone else on the network,
the mail falls into the queue with an error message that the relay machine
(the Linux box) will not accept the connection.  Users on the RS/6000can,
however, send mail to anyone outside of our network.

If, however, mail from the RS/6000 is sent to the Linux box with a fully
qualified address, including the machine name, the mail will get delivered.

Examples: domain


Delivery succeeds.


The Linux box runs sendmail 4.8, which has no problem accepting mail for
relay from any other host on the system.  The RS/6000 is correctly  listed
in the Linux machine's /etc/mail/ tables as having permission to relay.

I would appreciate any suggestions that folks might have for troubleshooting
this problem.

Gregory J. Sakal
Consulting Systems Librarian
EDS/Weston Jesuit Library
Cambridge, MA