Identifying parts from their part numbers

Identifying parts from their part numbers

Post by Garry Garre » Thu, 27 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I've got a small stack of parts that I'd like to identify.
Our former AIX admin was a bit of a pack rat (okay, I am too)
and I have many extra parts that I'd like to identify so
that I can decide wether to keep or pitch them, etc.

I'm not so interested in these particular parts - I'm really
more interested in how I go about looking up parts in general
(i.e. I'm not interested in typing in a huge long list nor
do I expect anyone else to do my leg work, I just don't know
where I would look this stuff up myself).

I have a ziplock baggy with a sticker with the following:

P/N 6298964             EC D25821
        VIN 1405233             9604
                ASYNC 25 PIN D-SHELL WRAP

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||     [bar code]
        *P 6298964*

I take it that the part number is 6298964 and I'm looking
for a more meaningful description than "ASYNC 25 PIN D-SHELL
WRAP".  "Shell Wrap" doesn't mean anything to me.  If I
were to guess, I'd say it's some kind of loop back plug
for a serial port.  It's a female DB25 connector.  I've
got male ones just like it (different part numbers) that
are also identified as "Wrap Plug".  I've got a bunch of
short cables that have an RJ45 male on one end and a DB9
female on the other (I take it this is an adaptor in case
your token ring card, which has RJ45 female on it needs
to connect to the type of token ring cables that use 4
of the wires in a DB9, etc. - I can see it only has copper
in the 4 holes that token ring uses), part number 60G1066.

Like I said, I'm less interested in these particular parts
than I am in how I figure out what they are.  I have a
whole pile of other assundry cables, face plates, and
other dohickies I have as of yet to classify - most of
them have part numbers.

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