Wrong permissions for /dev/pts/0 and /dev/pts/1

Wrong permissions for /dev/pts/0 and /dev/pts/1

Post by Bucksch2Pa » Sun, 22 Apr 2001 19:56:29

After resoring a msysbk I can't open terminals on a 43P.
Telnet works for all users, but when trying to open a aixterm or something else
I get the message in errorlog that when running dtexec it has wrong permissions
 for /dev/pts/0 or /dev/pts/1... This does not occur for the root user.

What do I have to change, and why does it occur after restoring the backup?

Thanks and greetings,


1. /dev/ttyp# & /dev/pts permissions

Recently there was a post to the linux-security list indicating a problem
with permissions on the /dev/pts filesystem.  It had something to do with
incorrect permissions on the /dev/pts directory, and the fact that the
entries were being created as "world-writeable", such that another logged in
user could potentially flood a tty with garbage (i.e. cat /dev/urandom >
/dev/pts/0).  This was very intriguing, so I went and looked into what
permissions were being used on my box.  First I discovered that I had not
correctly updated the dev RPM, do I didn't even have the /dev/pts
filesystem.  My stuff still works because I use wterm-6.2.6, which
apparently doesn't support the new UNIX98 pty system.  This leads to my
first question.  Since wterm still uses the /dev/ttyp# devices, why are
_all_ 256 of my /dev/ttyp "world-writeable" AND "world-readable"?  If I
change it (i.e.. chmod 600 /dev/ttyp0), the when I wterm as a normal user it
skips this tty and will use /dev/ttyp1 (ie. it uses the first available full
access (666) tty)...Thus, it would appear that my term is wide-open to
anyone else on my box (fortunately, I am the only one, but I want to know
what the heck is going on here).  When I telnet to a FreeBSD box at work,
the /dev/ttyp# entries are correctly mode 600, so perhaps its a compile
option or configuration setting somewhere?

I have now updated my dev files, and I am trying to move towards using only
/dev/pts enabled servers, but wterm is such a cool term that I don't want to
get rid of it just yet.  The latest rxvt release (www.rxvt.org) _does_
support the /dev/pts stuff, _and_ has transparency and next-scroll, but no
side menu or transparent scroll gutter (yeah, yeah, I'm a sucker for bells
and whistles).  If anyone can point me in the direction of information about
tty's and permissions, I would be most appreciative, as I haven't been able
to find much of anything on this topic, and it seems to be a very important
issue to understand.

Thanks for reading all of this!!
- Dardo

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