AIX and SysV shared mem, etc.

AIX and SysV shared mem, etc.

Post by Skip Gilbre » Mon, 10 Dec 1990 12:15:02

Sorry to post what is certainly a very naive question, but for a
proposal we're writing we need to be certain that AIX (probably any
version, but specifically for RS6000) supports the System V ipc stuff
(shared memory, queues, semaphores).  We have as yet no machine or

Please reply via email as I don't normally read this group (yet...)
and anyway, there probably aren't many people on the group who don't
already know the answer..


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Here's another of those questions.

Does linux support IPC sysv shared memory?  I remmber seeing someone
mention porting (possibly porting) postgres to linux.  
Since this makes heavy use of IPC type stuff.  I was wondering...

If linux does not support IPC SYSv shared memory, does it have an

                                Brian Quandt

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