need sample makefile with SCCS

need sample makefile with SCCS

Post by Marc Rat » Thu, 04 Jun 1992 15:48:45

I have trouble using AIX makefiles together with SCCS, i.e.
I'd like to use C source files in SCCS when using
My C source files are in SCCS. When I have a source file
in my local directory, I'd like to have make use this source file.
If it can't find a source file in this directory, I'd like
make to fetch it from SCCS.
Any help most welcome since we didn't succeed. (We couldn't get it
to work properly; it called SCCS but didn't recognize local
C source files.)
An example makefile for AIX would be most helpful.
Thanks in advance
--Marc Raths
Marc Raths, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  
Baechtoldstrasse 5          


1. Need makefile help: SCCS/Yacc/Lex

I need a sample makefile that can process a SCCS'ed Yacc file, a
SCCS'ed Lex file, and some SCCS'ed C files into one object file.

Anybody have such a thing?

Here's the makefile that I was using <before> I SCCS'ed everything: lex.yy.o file1.o file2.o
LIBES=-ll -ly

final:  $(OBJECTS)
        cc $(CFLAGS) $(OBJECTS) $(LIBES) -o final        final.y
        yacc -dv final.y

lex.yy.c:       final.l
        lex final.l

        rm final.o[hc] lex.yy.c

Now, after SCCS'ing the files, it says that it can't make "final.l".

Any help would be appreciated.

Christopher A. Rende           Central Cartage (Nixdorf/Pyramid/SysVR2/BSD4.3)
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