Driver installation package problem

Driver installation package problem

Post by Jesper Nordenbe » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 17:42:48

I'm trying to make a device driver installation package on AIX 5.2.
I've added an odmadd file to the package and put the following
commands in the config file:

mkdev -l kk670s0
mkdev -l kk670s1
/usr/lib/methods/defkk670 -c kk -s node -t kk670
/usr/lib/methods/defkk670 -c kk -s node -t kk670
/usr/lib/methods/cfgkk670 -l kk670_0
/usr/lib/methods/cfgkk670 -l kk670_1

The problem is that when I try to install the package using installp I
get the following error message:

mkdev: 0514-518 Cannot access the CuDv object class in the device
configuration database.

When I run the script manually it works fine. The only place to put
these commands is in the config file because it's the only script run
after odmadd has been performed.

Why doesn't the script work? Am I doing something wrong when creating
the package?

/Jesper Nordenberg


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