aix backup

aix backup

Post by Qval » Fri, 26 Mar 1999 04:00:00

does anyone know how to use "tar" with aix backups?
there are 3 discs with one aix backup archive.
i do not know either the name of this archive nor the  backup filesystem it
is there an other possibility to "unzip" such files on a linux machine.
thank u
cu qval

1. AIX backup

Whilst we wait for Tivoli to be set up, I need to set up some cheap and
cheerful backups on the AIX host using the DDS4 drive.

On Solaris I would use ufsdump, but on AIX it seems my choices are 'tar'
or 'backup'. I've never used tar for this purpose without experiencing
some problem, but in general I presume the command would be:

tar -cf - dir1 dir2 ... | compress < /dev/rmt0

How could I restore from this, as zcat requires the file name *.Z, so:

zcat /dev/rmt0 | tar -xf -

would give an error.

Second, if I use the AIX backup command (which seems similar to
ufsdump), what typically should my command and options be, and how would
I restore ?

Finally, I expect the standard RTFM response for this post, but with
backups being what they are, I really want to make sure I am reading the
man pages right.

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