Help with download microcode?

Help with download microcode?

Post by Dra?en ?ari » Wed, 05 Sep 2001 22:11:04

When I tried to download microcode for 12GB 4mm tape program failed with
Genucode Return Codes
-7 INQUIRY FAILED.2 months ago I download same microcode for another
user,same tape,same microcode (from 726B to 7550)and it was O.K immediatly.I
was doing this procedure again and  very slow but microcode is still 726B
and tape doesent work.
Please Help.

1. Adaptec 2940 and AAA-131- microcode download question


  My question to anyone with an inkling of an idea...

When my system boots with a AHA-2940, it tells that it is "downloading
microcode".  Q: is the system downloading it FROM or TO the controller?

If it is downloading from the controller, can an AAA-131 (I have one and
would like to use it) raid controller be used to manage a raid 5 array
without any kernel overhead.  Or, is there a module/driver for the 131.

I could ask a handfull of other questions based on the above, but I'm
sure they are apparent to anyone responding.

--Dave Helton

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