AIX shared libs with g++: global constructors not executed

AIX shared libs with g++: global constructors not executed

Post by Thomas Kemme » Tue, 25 Sep 2001 21:57:17

Hi all,

I'm having some troubles when trying to build shared C++ libraries with
g++ 2.95.2 on AIX 4.3.3;

It seems like if I load a shared library using dlopen(), global/static
constructors in the library are not executed.

From "AIX Linking an Loading Mechanisms" (aix_ll.pdf) I know there
exists a script MakeC++SharedLib which presumably solves this problem
for the IBM VisualAge compiler, but I couldn't find something similar
for g++.

Has anyone successfully managed to create shared libraries with g++, so
that static constructors are invoked properly?



Thomas Kemmer
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Tel: +43-316-820918-611, Fax: +43-316-820918-99


1. Q: constructor not called for global object in solaris shared lib

This smells like an FAQ; but nothing poped up on a search.
 A global object is defined in a file (C++) :

                 Bus tmpbus;

This file is compiled and becomes partof shared library (.so) :

                 CC -c foo.cpp
                 ld -G foo.o

Another object is  linked to this shared library :

                 CC -o a.out main.cpp -L. -lfoo

Now, when we execute a.out, we find that the constructor for the object
tmpbus is not getting called.  If instead of creating a shared library out
of foo.o, it is directly linked with main.o, the contructor is called
properly.  Are we missing anything ?

We are using SUNWsproc C++ ver 4.1 and running solaris 2.x.  I do not
get to read the news group till the end of the day.  So, if you are

Thank you.


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