aix-digest V3 #980

aix-digest V3 #980

Post by Paul Gill » Wed, 10 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Another solution is possible if you have another RS/6000. You could set up
the extra machine as a NIM server and use the J50 as the mksysb source. With
the proper application of a spot and other NIM components you could handle
the different filesets and drivers quite easily. Then once you get the S70
set up, you could use it as the mksysb source. I used this capability at my
last job, since we had a mix of 42T, 25T, 43P and 37H's.

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> >I have a customer that is currently running on a J50,  they are
> looking to
> >upgrade the machine to an S70.  Assuming the J50 had 4.3.2
> installed,  and
> >the necessary 64bit/S70 filesets also installed,  is there any problems
> >with migrateing this machine to an S70?

> >Also,  once the S70 is running,  can a mksysb backup from it be
> restored to
> >the J50 in the event of a disaster?

> >Thanks in advance,
> >Steve.