Printing with lpsched

Printing with lpsched

Post by Franck ABELL » Fri, 13 Sep 2002 17:13:22

on Aix 5.1,
i'm having trouble starting lpsched.
when i start lpsched it says Print service started
but the lpsched process does not exist and the lpsched logs contains :

UX:lpsched: ERROR: 0920-289 Can't create public message device (No such file
or directory).

there is no lpNet log.

i tried to remove the requests and tmp directories but there is nothing to
i don't know how to go ahead.
can anyone help me ????


1. Printing Problem- lpd and lpsched?

I was wondering if anyone out there might know the answer to my problems?
I have a printer connected directly to a SGI box running IRIX 5.3.
Currently we are running lpsched to manage the print jobs.  I need to be
able to run lpd as well.  I'm trying to connect the printer to a Windows NT
server through TCP/IP, and lpd must be running in order to do this.  Is it
possible to run lpd and lpsched together?
The Windows NT manuals say that I need to install a publicly available lpd
program in order for this to work with lpsched running.  UNIX isn't a
strong background for me, so can someone please tell me is this something
else we have to buy?  and What's the easiest way to do this?
Much Thanks in Advance
Barb Williams

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