Mail router

Mail router

Post by Bob Jernig » Sat, 17 Oct 1992 00:14:54

For my RS/6000 to send mail off campus, I need to designate a mail router.
How do I do this?  I can't find anything in the documentation.

If you can help, please email to me at address above or to:



1. Problem with mail/router

About a quarter of my mails do not get delivered (in reply mode, the
addresses _are_ ok). What I get in /var/spool/mail/msglog is

uucp_neighbors: command `/usr/bin/uuname' returned exit status EX_32256

This only happens with "distant" locations like France or Germany. I am
running MCC Linux with kernel 1.1.18 and an EtherExpress that sometimes
hangs for a sec or so. The smail config is

#       smail configuration for miles
# (see smail(5) man page for details and other options)
# edd 13/07/94  added visible_name, host_lock_timeout (=150sec)
smtp_banner="$primary_name Linux Smail$version #$compile_num ready at $date"
received_field="Received: \
        ${if def:sender_host \
                {from $sender_host by $primary_name \
                ${if def:sender_proto: with $sender_proto}\
                \n\t(Linux Smail$version #$compile_num) }\
        else{by $primary_name ${if def:sender_proto:with $sender_proto }\
                (Linux Smail$version #$compile_num)\n\t}}\
        id $message_id; $spool_date"

where I increased the lock_timeout from 30 to 150 but to no avail.

Any help would be very welcome and appreciated. EMail answers preferred.
Thanks. Dirk

Dirk Eddelbuettel                                  

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