How to get home system name for rlogin session

How to get home system name for rlogin session

Post by Michael R. Mard » Sat, 03 Apr 1993 01:53:59

I need to be able to determine two things about a user's session.

1.  Are they logged in from a remote system or are they directly connected.
2.  What is the hostname of the system they're coming from if they are not
directly connected.

Checking TERM for tty or pts won't work because we use a mulitple session
menuing system which creates psuedo terminals for each session.

I've been running who and greping for their LOGNAME and then cutting the
columns which contain the remote system name if it exists.  Aix appears
to have utmp problems which keep this from being reliable solution;
Besides, this approach seems to be very awkward.

I hope my description hasn't been too vague.

Mike Mardis


1. Getting [l]rz/[l]sz to work over a telnet/rlogin session???

I currently have 3 different versions of sz/rz/lsz/lrz on my system, or thereabouts
all of which work in their own right.  I have a dialup modem running under mgetty
and people can dial in, download and upload with absolutely no problem whatsoever.

The same people then can call an internet dialup and telnet or rlogin to my machine,
try to download the exact same file, with the exact same protocol in the exact same
terminal program and get absolutely nothing but errors.

I keep pretty much on top of things, I have the newest lrz and sz binaries, plus
the original slackware 2.0 distribution binaries, gcc 2.6.2, new libraries, and
have even updated all my daemons quite a few times.

The problem seems to be quite ambigious, but here's what I've done so far to no

installed a new termcap
checked my /etc/getty.defs
checked /bin/login
checked ttys / tty types (in /dev/tty* as well)
tried several different versions / compilations of sz/lsz
checked /etc/csh.login for interference
tried under both tcsh and bash shell (tcsh 6.05)
telnetted in from different sources/services
had different people telnet in from different sources/services


I am currently running 1.1.81 kernel and use a PPP link.

I have some pals who use Linux on a Ethernet link where, I myself, used to
experience the exact same problem.  The only way they got around it was to
turn around and install the newest slackware revision.  I cannot afford to
do that, since many of my additions bypass that of the slackware release.
If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, comments or <of course> fixes, please
mail to below address!


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