(To Greg Stockton)

(To Greg Stockton)

Post by da » Sun, 02 Sep 1990 01:25:00

  Greg -- I can't reach you by e-mail, or at least it keeps
bouncing back to me.  Let me know if you still want the aix
stuff, and if so, how 'bout another path?

- dan




1. US-CA-Stockton - Unix System Administrator - One Year Contract

                         UNIX SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR

There are two UNIX System Administration positions open in
Stockton, CA, each for one year contracts, with an agency that
provides support on government projects.  


Minimum of two years' experience with UNIX System
Administration, plus a Bachelor of Science degree, U.S.
citizenship and seven years data processing experience are
required.  Experience with Berkeley UNIX is desired.  
Experience with SCO UNIX, BSD UNIX, AT&T V.2, and AT&T UNIX
would be a plus.


Perform high level system administration activities, including
problem definition, planning, requirements research, studies
and analyses, system analysis and programming of very complex
automated systems in support of maintenance and user support
for the networks.  Perform all tasks associated with planning,
development, integration, implementation and acceptance phases
of the network support project.




Sherry Witkowski, Staffing Manager at Dapru, Inc. at
800/500-5339 or 916/641-1674 ext. 218, fax resume to

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