Post by Michael Wallac » Thu, 07 Jun 2001 10:10:00

Anyone know why PDT does not work in aix 4.3.3 ML8. Ran config script
and nothing happened..no entries in crontab and no reports..

Michael Wallace


1. PDT software errors ?

Everyday, for the past couple of weeks, PDT has been reporting this
message on two different machines:

  -  Software ERRORS; time to next error is 0.027 days

This drew my attention to errpt, so I checked errpt -a, and it was
reporting MBUF (Out of Buffers) problems with the token ring card. I
fixed that by upping the receive buffers on the card, but I'm still
getting that error message in my daily PDT report....

After fixing the token ring problem, I cleared the error log with
errclear, and haven't had any more messages in the log....but i still
get the PDT message.

Is PDT just playing tricks again?

Steven V.

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