Using a 525 Mb tape drive to write/read 150 Mb tapes ...

Using a 525 Mb tape drive to write/read 150 Mb tapes ...

Post by Eric Chic » Sun, 04 Oct 1992 01:46:12

I have unsuccessfully tried to use a 525 Mb tape drive with 150 Mb tapes
after obviously having set the correct density with the chdev -l rmt0 -a density_set_1 ...
command. The problem appears when I run the mksysb command.

Does anyone know how to cope with this problem ?

Thanks in advance.


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1. 60 MB tapes in 150 MB tape drive

I don't know if this is the correect newsgroup, but..

We have an archive Viper 150 Mb tape streamer, connected to the main
machine with a SCSI-2 interface. Now, we can read both 60 and 150 Mb
tapes, but are only able to write the 150 mb ones. It just won't write
the 60 Mb tapes.

Is this normal behaviour, or is there some defect in our tape drive, or
is the device driver at fault? If someone could enlighten me on this
subject (never worked much with tapes before) that would be great.

Thanks - Mike.


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