Four port multiprotocol adapter specs?

Four port multiprotocol adapter specs?

Post by Ed Rav » Wed, 06 Nov 1991 04:38:20

We're spec'ing a project that's going to use SDLC connectivity, and we're
wondering just how much traffic the four-port multiprotocol card can handle.
I see it has four ports, but can I really run all four of them at 64k
without anything crashing?  Are there any limits in the RS 6000 or PS/2
that might also restrain its throughput?
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1. CS/AIX LU0 Primary on 2-Port Multiprotocol Adapter


I've hit a dead-end trying to configure a LU0 Primary line under
CS/AIX 5.  This is on a F40 running 4.3.  What's new to me is the
2-Port Multiprotocol PCI Adapter.

IBM refers to this as a "shallow" adapter - one with no onboard
co-processor.  It uses a hdlc driver instead of tw.  And for some
reason smit doesn't show a 'manage ports' option for it.  I can't get
any device for it to show up in /dev (ie: /dev/mpqd0).  The lu0server
program is looking for a valid device, and failing with errno=2 when I
try things like hdlc0.

Link/X.25 documentation has a specifc appendix to address differences
in the 2-Port.  I've drawn a blank in CS/AIX docs.  Is this adapter

Thanks for any and all help,
  Mark Davis
  Orlando, FL

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