admin user can't admin non-admin groups

admin user can't admin non-admin groups

Post by dan.. » Fri, 16 Jul 1999 04:00:00

In the attributes for user profile "jean" I've specified "adminstrative
user=true" and "administrative group=staff".

In the "staff" group profile attributes I've specified "administrative
group=false" and "administrator list=jean".

The above were done as by "root".

When I then sign in as "jean" and look at the "staff" group attributes
(via SMIT) it shows "adminstrative group=true" and the "administrator
list=" parameter is blank.  If I try to make an addition, say, to
the "user list=" parameter and hit OK, SMIT dies and the change doesn't
get made.  Further, if I go into Application Manager as "jean" and try
to edit "staff" group I am told "you do not have access to edit this

Have I got a bug or am I doing something wrong in the way I set
up "jean" and "staff"?


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