system calls for memory stats

system calls for memory stats

Post by Doug Cowle » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Here's a very small program that gathers memory stats on an HP.
Can onyone give me the equivalent system call and header file for AIX

#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/pstat.h>
struct pst_static buf;
struct pst_dynamic dyn;
pstat_getstatic(&buf,sizeof(struct pst_static),1,0);
pstat_getdynamic(&dyn,sizeof(struct pst_dynamic),1,0);
printf("Total  Phys
printf("Total  Virt memory=%dMB\n",buf.page_size/1024*dyn.psd_vm/1024);
printf("Active Virt memory=%dMB\n",buf.page_size/1024*dyn.psd_avm/1024);

printf("Total  Real memory=%dMB\n",buf.page_size/1024*dyn.psd_rm/1024);
printf("Active Real memory=%dMB\n",buf.page_size/1024*dyn.psd_arm/1024);




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int temp;
struct stat my_struct;
temp = stat(filename, my_struct);
printf("File Type: \t\n");
printf("Permissions: \t\n");
printf("Inode Number: \t%d\n", my_struct.st_ino);
printf("Owner ID: \t%d\n", my_struct.st_uid);
printf("File Size: \t%d\n", my_struct.st_size);
printf("Last Accessed: \t%d\n", my_struct.st_atime);
printf("Last Modified: \t%d\n", my_struct.st_mtime);
printf("Last Changed: \t%d\n", my_struct.st_ctime);

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