AIX 5L and PowerServer 340 - continued

AIX 5L and PowerServer 340 - continued

Post by ReD-Ma » Tue, 23 Oct 2001 07:31:52


So I have managed to be able to get an IBM 3151 terminal working, and I have
been able to boot the system on in Service mode. I have gone in and changed
the boot order to include the SCSI cdrom tower drives I hooked up. I have 5
Sony 4X cdroms in the tower, and the diagnostics have picked them all up. I
have added the first two of them into the boot order for Service mode, but
the install cd just won't boot. It keeps booting up normally.

I even tried adding them into the Normal boot order, and it still just boots
off the hard drive inside.

The system has an existing AIX 4.x install on it, but as I got this system
second hand from a business, I do not know the root password.

Is there any special cdroms required? Or is there any way to make boot
diskettes that will load and then complete the install from the cdroms?

I have tried asking people at my work, but not a soul knows anything about
AIX, and my work has been providing IBM solutions for years to our clients.
Everyone is Windows only.

I thank everyone for their help.

Paul Smith


AIX 5L and PowerServer 340 - continued

Post by Bob Mariot » Tue, 23 Oct 2001 15:43:01

FWIW - we too have upgraded a 340/34H to 5.1L from CDROM.  But - we
had to purchased a USED IBM labeled CDROM to accomplish it.  Even
though we have a plextor that works on other 6K's it wouldn't on the
34X's.  If you really need to you can probably find a used IBM labeled
CDROM drive real cheap.  I think we paid $100 a year ago.



1. AIX 5L and IBM PowerServer 340?


Can AIX 5L be loaded onto a PowerServer 340? I got a 340 from a
friend, and the only license/media I have is for AIX 5.1L. The machine
has 64MB RAM, 4GB SCSI drive.

I was also wondering, this machine has no video card in it, do I need
an IBM 3151 (i think it is) dumb terminal to do the install? If so, do
I use the keyboard on the terminal, not the PS/2 port on the system

I am sorry for the questions, but I have never touched AIX before,
only Solaris, SCO, and Linux.

If anyone can help me, thanks very much in advance.

Paul Smith

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