Paging, PCS Software for AIX

Paging, PCS Software for AIX

Post by Bob Claus » Sun, 28 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Cross Comm offers a number of paging software solutions for IBMs AIX systems
(all flavors) for use by Administrators, end-users and developers too. In
fact, we're IBM Channel partners with IBM, Tivoli, .... and more.

The most popular package is Hiplink, which loads onto the system much like a
print driver, allowing any application to effect paging from across the entire
network.  There are all sorts of functions you can implement too: email
paging, web paging, network management notification as well as help desk

HipLink is a cost-effective production-grade solution that makes sense for
all sorts of fun and production environments.

Contact me of visit for a free demo or to see how HipLink can
help you today.



1. Paging/PCS Software for AIX

Cross Communications offers a number of paging software packages for all
versions of AIX. In fact, we're in the IBM ISV program for same.

The base-line HipLink Driver package, delivers a real-time message vehicle
through a dial-up modem, to the paging/pcs service provider.  It supports all
protocols too: beepers, alphapagers, PCS/SMS phones (AT&T, Nextel, ...) and
GSM/SMS.  Interfacing with 99% of the commercial software packages out there
(Tivoli, Netview, ...) is a breeze.

HipLink is installed around the world, serving the Network Mgrs, HelpDesk Ops,
ISP, ... and more.  All flavors of unix (and NT too) are supported.

Once you load and configure HipLink on the server with a modem, any
application across your entire network can effect paging.

Contact me for more information or visit our web site at for
a demo copy.


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