AIX 4.2 Fails Perl Test and GD install

AIX 4.2 Fails Perl Test and GD install

Post by Ciaran_DEIGN » Wed, 13 Nov 1996 04:00:00


> I have installed the gcc compiler. I have the IBM Xlc compiler installed
> but no licence as of yet.  I am able to compile perl, but when I run the
> make test the following 8 failures happen.

> lib/anydbm.....FAILED on test 0
> lib/filehand...FAILED on test 0
> lib/ndbm.......FAILED on test 0
> lib/odbm.......FAILED on test 0
> lib/posix......FAILED on test 0
> lib/safe.......FAILED on test 0
> lib/sdbm.......FAILED on test 0
> lib/socket.....FAILED on test 0

> I removed the tests that succeded.  Does anyone know what might be
> causing this?  Is there something from teh AIX base operating system
> that I need to install?  Is there some libraries that I am missing?

I never succeded in compiling Perl 5.003 with GCC, only with xlC (despite
the fact that I couldn't compile Perl 5.001 with xlC, only with GCC).

Perl 5.003 compiled with xlC passed all the tests. I packaged the resulting
binary and other files into a smit-installable LPP, whih you can download from

hope this helps