Buying a new hard disk for AIX PS/2

Buying a new hard disk for AIX PS/2

Post by Ram Samudra » Thu, 09 Apr 1992 02:10:13

I am running AIX (V1.2.1) on a PS/2 (model 80). At this moment, I have a 115
mb hard drive. I'd like to increase the size of the hard drive or add another
fixed disk. I am interested in knowing what disk I should buy. Can it be any
old hard disk which will fit into a PS/2 or does it have to be specific for
the operating system? Where does stuff like "microchannel" come in? I have
some knowledge about AIX, but I have no clue about the hardware part. I'd
appreciate any help that you can give me.

this newsgroup. Thanks a lot in advance!!!


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