saving windows layout

saving windows layout

Post by Bradley T. Frees » Thu, 16 May 1991 04:51:05

> ...
> >aixterm -e rlogin <machine>   # ???

> When I try this, I get:
> 1363-000 Aixterm: The aixterm command cannot run the rlogin <host> command
>          Check path name and permissions
> and after a short delay, the window closes.
> But just opening a window, then typing 'rlogin <host>', works fine
> Any ideas?

Only ideas.  Under ksh or bsh, try

    $type rlogin

This should return "rlogin is /usr/ucb/rlogin".  Next, try

    $ls -l /usr/ucb/rlogin

This should return "-r-sr-xr-x   1 root  bin ...".  If you pass these
tests, I am out of suggestions.