Tomcat and AIX SDK 1.4

Tomcat and AIX SDK 1.4

Post by Quik » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 17:40:49


I'm developping Web Applications in Java. I'm using Tomcat as a Web
Server. Everythings goes well under Linux and Windows. I have a B50
with AIX 5L and the latest Maintenance Package installed. I've also
installed AIX SDK 14. I've then installed Tomcat (4.1.24) from Jakarta

My problem is when I start using my Web App (which act like a server
for remote clients), the paging file size start to increase. Not
immediately, but after 3/4 hours, my paging file increases by 10 MB
every 30 minutes. I have 256Mb of RAM and I did configure two paging
files (their size is huge for testing purpose : 2.5 GB by file) In
fact, the clients who are contacting the server are producing an heavy
traffic on the server (for testing purpose). Even if I stop this
traffic, the paging file size does'nt decrease.
I've used 'svmon -P' to see which process is exactily causing these
troubles. Of course, I mentionned that it is Tomcat itself (the java
process which handles Tomcat). And when Tomcat increases, so did the
paging file. I read a lot about memory in IBM's website for AIX and,
as far as I know, system's algorithms should normally clean up paging
space after usage. If not, it should be because the program is not
releasing the memory (in our case, it's the JVM). So I ask me the
question if there are already had problems regarding AIX SDK14 and the
memory usage. If not, does someone have an issue to solve my problem ?

Thanks in advance,


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