TZ settings for MET

TZ settings for MET

Post by Klaus Ka » Fri, 18 Oct 1991 23:17:51

Hello everybody,

I'm running an RS6000 model 320 ( AIX 3.1.5 ) located in Germany.
I have some trouble of getting the TZ-environment variable right.

When I installed xntp on this machine, I found that smit's suggestion for TZ
for France (same timezone as Germany) 'T23-1D23' is plain nonsense.
Using this, the machine will be on CUT-23 instead of the promised CUT+1.
( BTW: This shows clearly that IBM sells yesterday's software ;-)

Currently I'm using the TZ-value


for Middle European Time and Middle European Summertime,
but I'm not shure about the rules for daylight saving time.

Could any knowledgeable & kind soul confirm this setting ?

Thanx, -KK

   Klaus Kalb    | mail :  IMMD1 / Martenstr. 3 / W-8520 Erlangen / Germany  



TZ settings for MET

Post by Dennis Elgaa » Sat, 26 Oct 1991 19:56:00

Hi netters.

  I have a lot of questions about AIX for the PS/2. I resently bought
an IBM PS/2 model 90, 4 MB Ram and 160 MB HD. I'm a student at AUC
(Aalborg University Center, Denmark) and I have some experince in UNIX
programming (we have a lot of SUN-workstations running BSD4.3) but I
have newer used UNIX on a PC. With my new computer I hope to be able
to run AIX and some of the tools I am used to work with.


1. Is is possible to run AIX together with all my DOS 5.0 programs?
2. How much space (HD,RAM) does AIX need in the single user version?
3. What windowsystems are available (I would like to work with X11)?
4. Is AIX compatible with BSD4.3. (here I'm thinking abouth the
multiuseraspects like RPC- and IPC-programming)?
5. Does all the nice GNU software (g++,emacs etc....) run under AIX?
6. Is there any good ftp sites with software for AIX?(Remember that
I'm a student and SW is VERY expensive in Denmark (as everything else
7. What is in the AIX system package? (tools, compilers, anything...)

I hope someone can (and have the time to) answer some of my questions.
Please mail the answers to the address below. Thanks in advance.....

        Dennis Elgaard.
        Aalborg University
        Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
        Fredrik Bajers Vej 7E
        DK-9220 Aalborg O


TZ settings for MET

Post by Timo van der La » Wed, 23 Oct 1991 20:59:22

In article <1991Oct17.141751.21029> Klaus Kalb writes:


>I'm running an RS6000 model 320 ( AIX 3.1.5 ) located in Germany.
>I have some trouble of getting the TZ-environment variable right.

We experienced the same problem here (Holland) and by playing with the
clock we found out that we needed:
             ^      ^
Not clear from the documentation, but this works.
We all know of course than january is month 0! -:)

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1. TZ=MET and MET-0 are 2 hours apart

I have a triple OS i486 machine and want to have
the same time in NetBSD, OS/2 and DOS.

With NetBSD 1.0 release, the link
/etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/MET
worked fine.

After the upgrade to 1.0-current (June 95)
the NetBSD clock is 2 hours in the future.

The following shows the output of different timezone settings:

with /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/MET
$ unset TZ; date :: Wed Jul 12 01:49:16 MET DST 1995

without /etc/localtime
$ unset TZ; date :: Tue Jul 11 23:39:29 GMT 1995


$ TZ=MET+3  date ::     Tue Jul 11 20:39:58 MET 1995
$ TZ=MET+2  date ::     Tue Jul 11 21:40:09 MET 1995
$ TZ=MET+1  date ::     Tue Jul 11 22:40:17 MET 1995
$ TZ=MET+0  date ::     Tue Jul 11 23:40:29 MET 1995
$ TZ=MET-0  date ::     Tue Jul 11 23:40:46 MET 1995
$ TZ=MET-1  date ::     Wed Jul 12 00:40:53 MET 1995
$ TZ=MET-2  date ::     Wed Jul 12 01:41:03 MET 1995
$ TZ=MET-3  date ::     Wed Jul 12 02:41:10 MET 1995

$ TZ=MET    date ::     Wed Jul 12 01:41:19 MET DST 1995
$ TZ=MET-0  date ::     Tue Jul 11 23:41:32 MET 1995

Q: Is this expected behaviour?
Q: Why did this work in 1.0 release?
Q: Why gives TZ=MET  "MET DST" with 2 hours difference?
   In Germany we have exactly 1 hour difference
   between summer and winter time.

The kernel config is the same as the GENERIC:

I want local time for Germany, and no DST, because I have
to set the DOS clock manually for summer and winter time.

Thank you very much!

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