7043-260 RS/6000 43P-260

7043-260 RS/6000 43P-260

Post by Michael Deac » Fri, 20 Sep 2002 22:39:56

Elarasys, Inc. has an over stock of the below systems, own your own
64-Bit System:

7043-260 RS/6000 43P Model 260
1.44MB 3.5-in Diskette Drive
Integrated Ultra SCSI Adapter
Integrated Ethernet Adapter
Service Processor
32x Speed CD-ROM Drive
3029 9.1GB 1" UltraSCSI 16-Bit Enhanced Hard Disk Drive
4098 Memory Expansion Feature
4110 256MB (2x128MB) SDRAM DIMMs
4342 200MHz POWER3 Processor, 4MB L2 Cache
9800 Power Cord

Hardware Cost $950.00

Upgrade to Dual Processor System Add $200.00
Upgrade Memory 256MB Add $150.00

Also have unbeatable pricing on 7025-F50's email me for details.

All system come with a 30 day warranty and are guaranteed acceptable
for IBM maintenance.

Michael Deacon
(800) 787-6364

Please visit www.elarasys.com


1. WTT: IBM RS/6000 B50 for a 43P-150 or 43P-260

I have a almost-new IBM RS/6000 B50 (7046). The B50 is a 19" 2U Rack Server
which is technically identical to a 43P-150. It has a 375MHz CPU, 256MB RAM
and one 9GB disk drive. Since its basically a 43P in a different housing
its of course supported by AIX 5.02.

Heres some information about the B50:

Because I have no use for a 19" machine but need a stand alone RS/6000 Im
looking to trade this machine for a 43P-150 (even with slower CPU) or an
43P-260 with 200MHz POWER3. Machine doesnt need to have much RAM, and I
dont need gfx or disks or other drives.

Real offers only, I dont need even more adresses of hardware brokers ;-)


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