INFO about RS6000 models needed

INFO about RS6000 models needed

Post by Matthias Ern » Sat, 01 Feb 1992 02:34:25

Well, this is probably the best group to ask this. Our boss got this
years Nobel Prize in Chemistry and now IBM wants to donate us an
RS6000 computer. We are using lots of Sun's and don't know anything
about this IBM machine. I'm looking for information about hardware
differences of the different models, because on Monday we have to
tell them, what we exactly want (we want of course the biggest
available model with lot's of disks :-) ). The best thing would be
a list with the different models and configurations like maximum disk
space, maximum main memory, integer and floating point performance.

Thanks a lot


P.S. I don't read this group, so please reply directly by mail to me.




1. Problems booting with RS6000 model E30 need help!!


I've got a problem , iv'e upgraded the microcode for
Y2K on my RS6000 model E30. But now when i try to boot again the
machine fails to boot.

When it starts it recorgnizes the diskette-drive and it checks the
memory and says XXX MB OK and then it just hangs.... with the
error code F43.

does anyone have a clue what my problem is and how to fix it????


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