YP/NIS advice?

YP/NIS advice?

Post by Chris Ba » Wed, 22 May 1991 22:26:04

I am considering using YP/NIS on our growing network. We have several 6000's
several ps/2's running AIX and 1 sun 386i. The 6000's are mostly at 3003.
Does anyone have any advice on using YP/NIS with AIX?
Would it be better to setup the sun as the YP master?
Any horror stories or pointers would be appreciated. if there is interest,
I'll compile the results and post them.

Chris Bare



1. Problems with passwd map in NIS (or YP), Need help/advice?

Hi, Gurus..

Yellow pages master server is a SS2 (SunOS 4.1.1).

I added (In the master!), to the /etc/rc.local the corresponding lines,
in order to have the `rpc.yppasswdd' daemon present, and allow every user,
that wants to change his/her password in the NIS/YP passwd maps.
I have done exactly what the ... manuals say (System & Network
Administration, SunOS 4.1.1).

The results:
- passwd file in the NIS server is updated, but NIS/YP data-bases were
  not updated (Failed to run `make passwd' in /var/yp); even with `-m' flag:

  if [ -f /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd -a -d /var/yp/`domainname` ] ; then
     /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd -m \
     passwd DIR=/etc

From the manuals, is is written, the passwd file for the NIS/YP data-bases
must reside in other place then /etc, and must not contain an entry for root.
(I understand why!), but here arrives the question...

How can I put /etc/passwd in other directory, and leave the other maps in
the traditional /etc directory? ( aliases, services, etc..)

We have a hetherogenius network, with SunOS(4.1.1) and Ultrix(4.2).
we have several Ultrix machines, so, How can I make the Ultrix machines
use SunOS maps? (passwd, groups, aliases differ)

Thanks for your help, I will sumarize the results..

--- Ricky Marek
Fibronics Ltd., Matam Industrial Park, Haifa 31905, ISRAEL
phones: +972-4-313690            Fax: +972-4-550550

Ricky Marek (System Manager)
Fibronics Ltd., Matam Industrial Park, Haifa 31905, ISRAEL
phones: +972-4-313690            Fax: +972-4-550550

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