IBM C++ 3.6.6 (xlC) Compiler error on AIX 4.3

IBM C++ 3.6.6 (xlC) Compiler error on AIX 4.3

Post by Wolfgang Schule » Fri, 09 Jul 1999 04:00:00

If I include strings.h after  X11/Xlibint.h

#include <X11/Xlibint.h>
#include <strings.h>
int main(void)


I got the compiler error:

"/usr/include/strings.h", line 59.17: 1540-263: (S) Syntax error -
expected "expression" or ")" and found "const".
"/usr/include/strings.h", line 60.38: 1540-090: (S) Syntax error -
expected "(" and found "*".
"/usr/include/strings.h", line 61.24: 1540-090: (S) Syntax error -
expected "(" and found "*".

Does anybody know why? (No error if strings.h is included before



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I have a strange (strange to me) problem with AIX xlC compiler.
I used xlC 3.1.4 so far and everything was ok, now I have xlC v 3.6.4, so I
recompiled all my source files, and rebuilt static library  in my project,
but the executable file doesn't work. It causes core dump (signal no 11 -
segmentation fault) and I don't know why??? I noticed that the problem
appears if I try to link functions from my static library (compiled with the
same xlC 3.6.4 compiler). It doesn't work  even if cout<<"Hello World"; is
the only line in "main". I don't use the the "ld" linker explicite.

My Regards


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