Power supply F40

Power supply F40

Post by Hans Lammert » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 00:58:35


maybe a bit off topic, but haven't found any other newsgroup to post this
I own a 7025-F40 of which recently the power supply broke down.
When I attach the power cord it makes a funny, very high pitched noise (like
sparks leaking in a transformer), the blower won't start and (obviously)
nothing works anymore.
If I press and hold down the test button, after a while the green led comes
on and the blower starts turning. When I release the test button, the blower
stops again and the green led comes off again.

Anyone out there that has had similar experiences ?
Is there anything I can do myself (I am a radio amateur, so I do know a bit
of electronics...) ?
The service manual of the F40 states that power supplies are non-servicable
and should be replaced as a unit.
If this is necessary, can anyone tell me where I would have the best shot at
obtaining such a power supply (preferrably in the Netherlands of course) ?

The power supply data:
Model        :    AA19710
IBM P/N    :    07L7475
EC NO       :    E77716
FRU NO    :     07L7476




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