flow control with ascii terminals

flow control with ascii terminals

Post by Lacombe Ser » Tue, 28 Apr 1992 23:34:27

       Hi, I'm logging to a Risc 6000 (Rev 1.3) with an Televideo terminal
via a terminal server. I want to be able to use Ctrl-S/Ctrl-Q to control
the flow of incoming characters. Is it possible to set the Risc 6000 telnet's
deamon to DO LOCAL FLOW.
       I dont want to modify the terminal server parameters.

       Please E-mail if possible.


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1. puzzled by dumb terminal flow control

I recently acquired a whole mess of surplus VT-320 and VT-420 terminals
from work, and have had a nice time networking them off my Linux box
(Slakware 3.0, kernel 1.2.13).  I have recently run into some irritating
behavior, however, which I believe has something to do with applications
sending flow control chars to the terminal.

One of my first projects once I got the terminals working has been to set
up a mud to tool around with.  I set up Circlemud 2.20, which I like a
lot, but when I log into it through the terminals (telnetting to
localhost), the display gets all messed up when reading text.  A block of
text will be fine for about 3-4 lines, and then turn into a stream of
control characters that look like upside-down boldface question marks.  
This renders the mud currently unusable from a terminal (which was sort
of the point).

There is not normally a flow control problem with the terminals - i.e.
from a local shell I can cat megs of text through it and it doesn't drop a
single char (provided XON flow control is enabled on the terminal).  I
have had other problems telnetting to other sites from a terminal.  In
this case, however, I am just telnetting to localhost, and I wouldn't
think there would be that much additional overhead.  Also, everything
works 100% perfectly from the console.

My only other clue is that when I connect to one of the sites where I
have an email account, Pine freaks out and spits out lots of garbage
along with requests to turn on the preserve-start-stop-char option in
the setup screen... this also makes me think it has something to do with
flow control (btw when I turn on that option I still get garbage from Pine).

I am thinking that part of the prob may just be that I am not running the
latest and greatest network code, but I am a curious sort and want to
know what the hell is going on.  ;-)  If anyone has seen anything
similar, I'd be grateful if you'd share your stories.  Please post

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