Java plug-ins for AIX

Java plug-ins for AIX

Post by ts » Thu, 13 May 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know if there is or will be in the near future  a version of
the Activator java plug-in, or some other java plug-in,  for AIX? Sun's
web site has no information  on the subject.



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Is there some way to get Netscape 3.0 for Linux to recognize and play
all midi, wav, au, etc sounds?  I have xplaymidi set up as a helper
app, it works when I click on a midi (but I would like it to work
automatically when a midi is embedded into the html).  For wav and au
I use the helper app as "cat %s>/dev/audio".  That works fine for
local au files, but doesn't sound right on other peoples au files.
Any help is appreciated setting up Netscape to its fullest potential.

One other thing, I have set up my home page with several java apps,
and under NT and 95 Netscape they all work great, under Linux
Netscape, the "body onload" scroll at the bottom of the Netscape
window doesn't work (but the other scrolls work).  Really strange, any

Robert B. McGehee - University of Mississippi - RM Racing, Inc.      

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