Why am I loosing the macros??

Why am I loosing the macros??

Post by Cynthia Newt » Sun, 25 Oct 1992 06:58:25

I call vi using 'execl' from C to open a file. The macros in ~/.exrc works
fine this time. If I open this file again the same way, all the macros
are getting lost. It only happens on RS/6000 running AIX v3.
I tried on ULTRIX 4.2 and SunOS 4.1.1, no problem at all.
What's going on?
C Newton

1. Where am I loosing packets?

        I was trying to measure the throughput that can be achieved
between two Sparc 2 machines when I observed a very strange behavior:
Although throughput would increase as expected as I increased the
socket buffer sizes, when buffers reached about 28 KBytes the throughput
begun to drop. It kept dropping as the buffers were made larger,
until it was down to 3 Mbps at 51 KBytes. Before this the throughput was
more than 8 Mbps! (very lightly loaded Ethernet, nothing else running on
the machine)

        To measure the thoughput I used simple client and server programs
timing the data transfer. A total of 10 Mbytes was transmitted for
the experiment. The Sparcs are running SunOS 4.1.

        It seems to me that some packets are being lost when the buffers
exceed a certain size. Any ideas where and why?


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