Can I install VAC++ and Compilers?

Can I install VAC++ and Compilers?

Post by wlt » Fri, 25 Aug 2000 11:10:54


Can I install VisualAge C++ V5.0 and Compilers V 3.6.6
on the same machine on AIX 4.3.3?

Please advise me.

With regards,

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Can I install VAC++ and Compilers?

Post by Gary R. Hoo » Fri, 25 Aug 2000 04:00:00

> Hello.

> Can I install VisualAge C++ V5.0 and Compilers V 3.6.6
> on the same machine on AIX 4.3.3?

3.6 goes into /usr/ibmcxx; 5 goes into /usr/vac & /usr/vacpp

You can install both.

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1. Template handling on VAC 5.0 compiler.

I posted the following on the
group a few weeks ago, but there seems to be little or no traffic
over there.    So, I was hoping maybe someone over here could help.

I have encountered a compile problem with template handling using
VAC 5.0.

This is code which has already been successfully compiled on
about 10 other platforms, but doesn't get past this compiler.     I've tried
all the obvious ways to solve this, but it's a bit stubborn.    If anyone is
familiar with the problem, I would welcome some pointers.

The basic problem concerns a member function of a template class.
The relevant snippets of the template definition are.

template<class T, int max>
class MySeq

    typedef MySeq<T,max> tempParamType;

    ....  other declarations etc.

    static void                                 freebuf(T* p);

    .....  etc.

The function freebuf is declared in the same file as

template<class T, int max>
inline void
MySeq<T, max>::freebuf(T* buffer)
        if (buffer)
        int     nelems  = vec_size(buffer);
        char            *       spp             = (char*)buffer;

                for (int i = nelems; i > 0; i--)
                       ((T*)spp)->T::~T();       // Compiler fails on these
2 lines - see below
                        spp += sizeof(T);
         ......... etc.

I have taken the irrelevant bits out of the above for clarity.
When I instantiate the MySeq template, say with class X,
I get 2 errors (for the 2 lines indicated in the for loop above) :

The first is :
The "->" operator cannot be applied to the undefined class "class X".

The second is:
The use of undefined class "X" is not valid.

Basically, anywhere within freebuf that T is referenced produces an error.
The class X is definitely known at the point of instantiation (I have
double-checked this),
but the compiler seems to think it isn't.     I assume it is an error in the
definitions, but I have not as yet been able to track it down.
I have also looked at the VAC 5.0 guides extensively, but they have provided

Any help greatly appreciated,

Ken Darmody.

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