getting children to stop w/procfs

getting children to stop w/procfs

Post by mart » Wed, 03 Apr 2002 11:33:59


I'm trying to write a simple de* w/the 5.1 procfs, and I cannot
get my child to stop in the execve call. I was hoping someone could
shed some light on if there's either bugginess w/that procfs, or I am
simply not doing something I ought to be. My primary problem seems to
be getting the child to stop executing.

The basic flow of the program is thus:

- fork

   - child opens it's own ctl file until it has an exclusive write fd
   - child loads it's syscall list from sysent
   - child sets up a sysset_t struct w/the syscalls "execve" and
   - child writes a PCSEXIT command to the ctl file, with the sysset_t
   - child execve's the argument

   From what I've read the child should now be halted, waiting for the
   parent to set breakpoints, etc, and issue the PC_RUN command

 - parent opens the status file for the child process
 - parent opens_with_retry the ctl file for the child
 - parent checks to see if child is stopped
     - if not, parent issues a PCWSTOP command

 At this point, the child should be stopped, since the parent said to
 until it is stopped.

 - parent reads the status file to determine if the child is stopped

Here's where the problem arises. The child's pstat.pr_lwp.pr_flags
never report PR_STOPPED, they always report PR_NOREGS! What gives?

It turns out the child never stops for the parent. If I run this
program a dozen times, half the time the child will beat the parent to
even issuing the PCWSTOP, and go ahead and execute its argument, so
it's a race. My problem is somewhere in the way I'm telling the child
to stop in execve. But I can't figure what I'm doing wrong.

I could send someone some code, if they think they can help, the main
control block is just shy of 300 lines w/all the debugging messages I
have in there.

If anyone out there has experience programming the procfs interface, I
would deeply appreciate any help here!!



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