again: RS6000/220 (AIX 3.2.1) booting from Ultrix4.3 ?

again: RS6000/220 (AIX 3.2.1) booting from Ultrix4.3 ?

Post by Bernd Hent » Thu, 26 Nov 1992 17:01:19

What I need:

Boot a RS6000/220 with 16 MB RAM and a 160 MB HD from a DECsystem 5000/240.
The tape version of our AIX is 3.2.1, the installed version of Ultrix is 4.3.

What I did so far:

I installed an /export partition on the Ultrix machine and managed
the programmes mkspot, mkdclient, lsspot and lsdclient to run successfully (!).
The AIX machine is booting via bootp/tftp and I can see this on its console.

Where the problem is:
Then the red LED says '510', then '511' and very quickly following is
'c21' which means the ifconfig of some weird interface fails to execute.

What I tried to do:
I phoned our hotline here and after a long fight
(I tried to convince the guys that our sales people don't give software
 support :) I got the clue to patch the rc.boot file in sbin somewhere.
(added a -b flag to the rpc.lockd ... seems to make no sense since this
option is not available for the lockd ...)
Nothing happened, even patching both rc.boot files with some echo
Finally I deleted all rc.boot files in /export ... still the 'c21'
Our hotline gave up and advised me to buy yet another manual
("Planning your RS6000/220 installation", GG243858), I only just have 2
manuals for DWM at this time that came with the machine ... each is
telling you approx. 49.9 % of the truth and the missing 0.2 % should
be in the above book !?

So early 1993 we're expecting the manual to arrive to solve our problem.

So, what's going on here ?
Does AIX recognize it's booting from Ultrix and then tells me
'this is not allowed, buy AIX workstation' ???

Please, if ANYONE who has done this before (even if you booted your
RS6000 from an ATARI) could give me a clue ?
I'm getting crazy each time someone is mentioning AIX ...
this is not the first problem of this kind that happened to me, you know :(

Thanx a lot


AIX --- $#^%$^$%^   --- Ain't unIX ???


1. Re. Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220 Re: Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220

Your system does not find the tape during boot phase. For IBM tapes normally
plug them, switch them on, boot up the system and AIX automatically
configures them.

The 220 uses other SCSI cabels than your 320 are they ok. Check the SCSI ID
of your tape - maybe you have other devices using the same ID. Run
'lscfg -v' to display all devices.

frank ;-)

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