5250 terminal emulation problems

5250 terminal emulation problems

Post by khu.. » Tue, 28 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I am developing a java-based 5250 terminal emulator. I opened a
connection on the telnet port, negotiated the terminal type
(IBM-5292-2), and got the sign-on screen from the AS/400.
I try to send the response consisting of the login ID and password,
but get no further bytes from the AS/400, not the next screen, and not
even an error message.
I am sending the login ID and password according to the format
specified on Page 1-38 of the IBM 5250 Functions Reference manual, ie

Cursor-X, Y, Enter(Hex F1), SBA login-X, Y, Login-ID,
SBA password X, Y, password (using EBCDIC codes).
The book does not say to end with Enter(Hex F1), but I tried that
also. Still no more bytes from the AS/400.

Earlier, I had tried with VT100 and ASCII codes, and it had worked. I
got back several screens from the AS/400.
Can anyone help with the 5250 codes??
Dr. Khushro Shahookar

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