Finding swap space usage from C

Finding swap space usage from C

Post by Chris Liebm » Sat, 12 Jan 1991 23:15:08

Does anyone know how to determine the currect level of swapspace usage
under AIX 3.X?  I know about the lsps commad but I would prefer a C
code approach.  What I am tring to do is create an X tool that
displays the current status of the paging space, so you know when you
are about to run out!

                        -- Chris
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1. Try to mount a seocn SWAP space-- error" unable to find swap space signature"

I am trying to mount a second swap space by

1. created a additonal partiton of type 82 with  fdisk
2. added an addition line in the /etc/fstab  -- identical to my first swap
     /dev/hda8   swap  swap  defaults 0 0
3. reboot

When it rebooted, it complainted that it failed to mount the 2nd swap space.

I looked  at the hardware browser's drive info , my new swap drive's type
was assigned as "none" rather than the "linux-swap" as in my first swap...
despite that fdisk's report as  " linux swap"
I also looked at the dmesg, it was complaining about   " Unable to find
swap-space signature"

What did I miss ?

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