linear programming plug-in for the NExS spreadsheet

linear programming plug-in for the NExS spreadsheet

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Linear Programming Plug-In for NExS Released
X Engineering Software Systems (XESS Corp.) announces the immediate
availability of a linear programming (LP) plug-in for its NExS spreadsheet
which runs on the Linux, Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, AIX, and OSF1 operating systems.

which optimizes a cost function while satisfying the constraints on the
variables. Any NExS function or combination of functions can be used to
specify the constraint and cost functions, as long as the results are linear
with respect to the decision variables of the problem.

The LP plug-in interacts with the NExS spreadsheet through the conNExions
API. The source code for the plug-in is being made available for
modification and customization.

NExS Product Manager Dave Vanden Bout stated:

     We have released the linear programming plug-in not only because
     we think it is valuable in its own right, but also to supply our
     customers with examples of how to use the conNExions API. We
     believe the conNExions API is one of the most important features
     of our spreadsheet. It allows you to customize NExS by adding your
     own subroutines without having to sacrifice performance.

Those interested in the linear programming plug-in can download the source
code and a PostScript manual from A free, 30-day version of
the NExS spreadsheet and the new conNExions-BETA API can also be downloaded
for the HP/UX, AIX, Digital UNIX, SunOS, Solaris and Linux platforms.

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