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I am wondering if anyone out there has used the sockaddr_in in AIX 3.2.
For some reason I can't get the .s_net, s_host, and s_lh, to work for me.
Here is the call I am trying to make:

sprintf( log_buf, "Sock.sinaddr:  %d.%d.%d.%d", sock.sin_addr.s_net, sock.sin_a\
ddr.s_host, sock.sin_addr.s_lh, sock.sin_addr.s_impno );

Any help would be much appeciated.

Thank you,

Tim Burns



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I am a newbie of FreeBSD. I notice the struct "struct sockaddr_in" in
FreeBSD is different from the one defined in Solaris and Linux. There is a
new field called sin_len in "struct sockaddr_in" in FreeBSD.

I notice that in_pcbbind() in netinet/in_pcb.c in FreeBSD kernel, called by
tcp_usr_bind() and udp_bind(), requires sin_len be set to sizeof(struct

When I first used "struct sockaddr_in", I forgot to set sin_len, but it
worked file. Then I set it to some other values, it still worked fine.

So I guess that its value is reset somewhere else before it is passed to

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