How to set up PPP from AIX?

How to set up PPP from AIX?

Post by Shanggua » Thu, 01 Mar 2001 08:38:23

I want to make a dial-out and dial-in with the AIX server. When I use the
"cu" command to connect to a Dial-up server, the connection can be set up
but the authenticated always failed.

When I check the PPP with "lssrc -s pppcontrold" command line, it displayed
0513-085 The pppcontrold Subsystem is not on file.

The PPP can not start with smit ppp or use "startsrc -s pppcontrold". What
is the problem for this? How can I configure the PPP for AIX?

Your reply will be very appreciate. Please send your solution for me at