limit on number of procs per user ???

limit on number of procs per user ???

Post by Hemant Sh » Sun, 08 Mar 1992 04:02:41

I am currently working on a huge project which requires me to do lots of testing
with my code as root, I usually have many daemons running and few of them fork()
new processes. The current limit on number of processes that a user can have is 40. The problem I have is that the limit is also imposed on root, so
that when root has more than 40 processes, I get error message.
I do not want to raise the limit on number of processes, because every user will
have bigger limit. Is there a way that I can only increase the limit for root.

Thanks in advance :-)

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1. limit number of used CPUs per user?


We have single-CPU Oracle license so far. However, new
server, that we are going to buy, will have 2 or 4 CPUs
(E280 or V880). Oracle says:

---quote start
1. limited usage to 1 CPU:
Oracle does not provide solution for limiting the use of its
database to 1 processor in 2 or more CPU server. That means
that the only way how to limit the use of CPUs is HW solution.
Our presales consultants are almost sure that SUN servers
mentioned by you do not have this feature, to confirm this you
should consult your HW provider.
To be 100% legal with 1 license, you would have to be able to
prove, that, at any moment, all the ORACLE processes are
processed by only 1 CPU.
---quote end

Is there any chance to implement such restrictions in
Solaris 8, on Sun E280 or V880?

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