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I've been using linux for the past year and a half, and have installed on more
systems than i care to remember.

I packed my machine up as i was going on holiday just over a week ago.  I had
my week off, then came back home (of course).  I unpacked my machine, plugged
it all in, and linux wouldn't Auto IRQ my modem on cua2, irq 5, add 3e8.

I edited to serial.c file so it would auto IRQ, and it won't now, if i run
rc.serial, that will auto detect.

Nows the best bit, i thought when i moved it the board may have wobbled out,
but no, i tried D*S and it worked first time.

I've recomplied my kernel, gone from 2.1 to 1.1.79, still to no avail.

Well, sod it it still works, but i'de love to know why, any ideas?


Greetings from the (Sunny) UK.

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