Does RS6000 Telnet pass LF or CR?

Does RS6000 Telnet pass LF or CR?

Post by Terry Ingolds » Sat, 26 Dec 1992 05:51:25

Has anyone else run into this weird bug?  We have some modems hooked up to
a terminal server.  You can (from any machine on the network except the
RS6000's) telnet to the terminal server and instruct it to connect you to the
modem.  THen you can do AT command strings to your hearts content.

On the RS6000, however, after the connection is made to the modem AT commands
are ignored because (and the proof was obtained from an RS232 datascope) when
the Return key is pressed on the RS6000 keyboard, the LineFeed character is
actually transmitted.  Unless we change the modem's EOL character (using another
non-AIX system) we can't make the modem recognize the commands.

At first I assumed that a little playing with stty would fix the problem.  We
told stty to disable CR to LF translation (which seemed to work since
everything, even telnet command mode echo'd ^M when the return key was pressed).
Unfortunately, the datascope continued to show that LineFeed was transmitted
when the Carriage Return key was pressed.

It appears that the reason this bug only shows up on the modem is that when
telnet'ing to other UNIX systems, they accept LF as an EOL terminator.

Has anyone run into this?  Is there a fix?

Terry Ingoldsby
The City of Calgary  DPSD/LIS

All opinions are my own!


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