moving disks w/out pain

moving disks w/out pain

Post by Bernhard Zeller/1310 » Fri, 04 Dec 1992 22:29:01

Just shutdown the machine, switch it off and move the disk physically.

During the next IPL the ODM will be updated automatically, the name
'hdiskx' will remain the same.

Don't try to hack the ODM by yourself.



1. moving disks w/out pain's a fun one to chew on a while:

 How can I move a disk from one scsi to another, without
having to backup and restore all the data on it? I want to
take 2 disks (mirrors) which are currently on the same SCSI
adapter, and split them by physically moving the one disk to
another scsi drawer. I would like to do this in as short a
time as possible, without having to migrate lv's, pv;s, etc.

As far as I can tell, the hdisk number should stay the same,
but should simply map to a different scsi address. What in
ODM needs to be changed? Will this approach even work?

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