Storage suggestions for F30

Storage suggestions for F30

Post by Lorne Vaug » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I currently use an RS6000 F30 as a server for my lab.  I'm interested in
adding another hard drive to the machine.  The machine is set up to only
use hot-swappable drives, and IBM wants a king's ransom for the drives.  
Do any third party companies sell hot-swappable drives for this machine?

I considered adding an external drive, but I was surprised to find that
there is no external scsi connector.  Can I install an Adaptec scsi adapter
in one of the PCI slots or do I need to buy a specific adapter to work with
this machine?

Any inisght into the best way(most economical) to add increased hard disk
capacity to this machine would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Lorne Vaught


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Hi.  I have a P60 Linux box and my IDE hard drive (~300 megs on the linux
partition) is running out of space fast.  I see three options:

        1) Buy another IDE hard drive
        2) Buy a SCSI controller and a SCSI hard drive
        3) Buy a SCSI controller and a SCSI zip drive

Money is a big part of the equation in that I have very little of it.
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