tcsh for PS/2 AIX 1.2 anyone?

tcsh for PS/2 AIX 1.2 anyone?

Post by Bernd Mo » Thu, 03 Jan 1991 23:39:50

I am searching for a tcsh for an IBM PS/2 under AIX 1.2.
I have Internet access, so hints where I can find it are also welcome!

Bernd Mohr


1. AIX 1.2 is dead (was X server for PS/2 XGA under AIX 1.2)

I have heard from my spies in IBM (comments invited to confirm or deny):

1. PS/2 AIX is dead (no more new versions, except for bug fixes).

2. AIX has not been certified for the PS/2 90 and 95.

3. AIX will never be certified to work on the model 90 and 95.

4. Not said to me, but a conclusion of (3) is no support for XGA.

5. The only way to run Unix on the model 90 and 95 and have IBM's
   blessing is to run SCO's Open Desktop, with which IBM have a licensing

6. Future Unix versions for IBM PS/2s may be SCO's ODT or something similar
   from a joint development between IBM and SCO.

Mark Kosten (who denies having written the above)

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