RS/6000 vs. COMPAQ SYSTEM-PRO: Which is faster?

RS/6000 vs. COMPAQ SYSTEM-PRO: Which is faster?

Post by Niles Mil » Wed, 10 Feb 1993 10:04:03


I am trying to assess the relative performance of the RS/6000 320H, the
RS/6000 520H, both running AIX 3.2, and the COMPAQ SYSTEM-PRO XL 2040
(486/50) with 2nd 486/50 processor, running SCO System V with MPX.

If I'm reading the spec's right, it looks like the 320H and 520H deliver
identical performance, with the difference being that the 320H doesn't
have as much room for growth as the 520H.

Each system would be equipped with 64 MB of RAM and 2 GB of SCSI-2 disk.
The operating environment would be 20-30 local users running a
transaction-oriented database under X-Windows.  Ie., lots of disk access
and plenty of screen I/O.

IBM says the COMPAQ is a slug.  COMPAQ says the SYSTEM-PRO will run
circles around the 520H.  The vertical-app software vendor swears the 520H
and SYSTEM-PRO deliver *identical* performance.  Before I spend any money,
I'd be _real_ happy to find out where the truth is.

Any and all comments will be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Niles Mills


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